do you pray everytime?

22 05 2010

It’s just flashing in my mind when my friend said that he was forget to pray before this breakfast…

And then he tell me that his first son could memorize the doa before breakfast.. DOA, is the most mysterious thing… When we were child we usually pray at every aspects of our life. When we eat, go to bathroom, and last but not least when we were going to sleep.

“allahumma bariklanaa fima rozaqtana waqina adzabannaar”

-doa before meal

Very nice.

Then it flashing again, last night i saw TV show featuring Ustadz Yusuf Mansur. He said, doa is always granted by Allah Swt, and no one that not granted. It always granted, or there were one of this three ways that doa will be granted:

  1. Granted what he asked in this world, directly
  2. Postponed, so that will be given as goodness in the akherat.
  3. Forgiveness of his sin, equal to the weight with of  the doa

But in this time when i’m going to be college, i remember i seldom to pray… very-very seldom. At this time, i feel that my rezeki is not flowing smoothly like i was child or highschool student.

So why?

i’m starting to be curious…

when i was teenager, i never ask for forgiveness, but my rezeki is flowing smoothly. but when i’m adult i often ask for forgiveness but my rezeki is not flowing so smoothly? why?

now, in this morning i think i found the answer.

It’s because i seldom to pray.

See the 2 last point of doa?

You will get the goodness, and you will get the forgiveness of your sin equal with the weight of your doa. See that? Younglings always pray, their brain hasn’t yet be smugged by bad things. so they get goodness every time, they get forgiveness every time they pray. and they pray VERY-VERY often..

They pray when they eat, after eat, before drink, after drink. before wudhu, or after wudhu…

so they always get forgiveness and goodness in their live. so that is the key why they always feel happy. always feel good and full of rezeki.

SO why not now we pray?